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Star Wars Battlefront 3

Here are some news about the highly awaited Star Wars Battlefront 3!

A lot of work for realism and authenticity

Over a month ago, the development studio Dice had together with publisher EA the first insight into the gaming world of Star Wars: Battlefront granted in the form of a gameplay trailer. Now developers are Niklas Fegraeus further information about the comeback of the famous series of games known. As the Design Director of Dice informs in a detailed blog post, you have deliberately decided to design not a sequel but a reboot of the series.

For Dice it is so possible to maintain proven features while integrating genuine innovations in the game: "We have opted for a reboot of the Star Wars Battlefront series and against a Sequel The reason is simple. We want to pay homage to make this popular series, but at the same time pressing her for a new generation of our own mark. For this purpose we let ourselves be inspired by the pillars of the old games, "so Fegraeus.

To make the Star Wars world as realistic as possible, Dice also relies on new technologies such Physically Based Rendering and photogrammetry. Stresses Fegraeus that one case "by scanning the original film props to use the original sound effects" a great effort pursuing to score points with Star Wars fans also in terms of authenticity.

Hunter Season mode and solo missions

Fegraeus sets in this context, an exclamation mark behind the "Hunters Season mode", the short in the first trailer for Star Wars: can be seen Battelfront. As the developer describes it will be possible to take part in "epic air battles over huge canyons". In addition to the game for single player offer many missions in which they can compete, for example, against AI armies. "All missions can be played alone or in coop mode" confirms Fegraeus.

Finally, the developer has announced in his blog post that they already have big plans for the E3. From June 15, so there will be more information and also first real gameplay scenes of the new game in the Star Wars galaxy member.

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