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[DOWNLOAD] Facebook messenger for PC

Today's post will be a bit different, it's not a news article or a review but a download! And a very handy one so to speak...

I don't have a smartphone, personally I never liked touch mobiles, but, like me there are thousands of people in the world who either don't like, can't afford or simply don't care about smartphones. Because of this, a lot of original and exclusive content and features are lost because Android apps aren't easily acessible and compatible with our computers.

What I bring you today is a part of the biggest social network in our days, that's right, Facebook!

Here you will find the app facebook messenger download for PC. Here is the app:

This facebook messenger for PC comes complete with all the features included in the regular mobile version for smartphones and some very special features like the contact icon that you have on your mobile you can move around (YES!) except on your desktop! And you can put it over your other applications like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Word, Notepad and much more! Very cool and handy. You also don't need to access facebook on your browser, you just open the app and it's done, which is good for slower connections.

This is a lite app so download is fast and doesn't take much time to download this facebook messenger for pc, so you can start chatting right away!

Adding contacts is very easy, minimizing to tray and overall use and learn curve of this app is very fast, you can send pics, vids and sound clips.

Oh, did I mention it's free? Yes! Free to download and free to use. Send unlimited texts to your friends without costing you a penny!

Official website:

To get it working you just have to download it (doesn't take long, just 26 MB), install it and set it up (very easy) with the help of the ReadMe included and that's it! No more missing on these handy features.

So, I give it a 9/10, just because it doesn't come with an automatic updater.

I might start doing a post segment about downloads along with all the news and game reviews. Leave your opinion on the comments, thanks!

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